The Beaux Spring Wishlist

The Spring 2018 Beaux Wishlist

Hiya Cuties! Omg so while I've been sitting in this metaphorical and literal waiting room these past few weeks waiting for baby, I have gone to town finding so many things I really love. They are all literally sitting in my shopping carts atm (which is one of my greatest releases; adding like 1k£ into my shopping cart and then closing that tab haha.) 

Anyway get a load of these pieces!!!

The Beaux SpringWishlist

1 Zara Home Fluffy Slippers aka the affordable take on these dreamboat Chloe Sandals.

2 Watercolour originals by my favourite Kate Cronk. She can paint any special place for you. Like your home or your favourite beach.

3 Uhhh this dress from Oysho! Breastfeeding friendly I daresay???

4 Uhhhh THIS SLEEPER dress from daily sleeper!!!!! For the perfect transition between indoor to outdoor living.

5 This matisse-y vibe maillot from Mara Hoffman (who is so amazingly far out on IG; I highly recommend watching her interpretive dances and then have her meditation practices as life goals.) I love this brand in general bc of the wide-spread use of rainbow and natural linen fabrics.

6 This hand-painted Puglian dish from The Beaux Store....I really love everything I have ever bought for The Beaux Store. (Lol, let's hope so!) I remember when I was getting these commissioned, it was about 95 degrees in the ceramic studio in Puglia, Italy and I was wearing a white linen dress. By the end of our meeting, I had drenched the entire dress and it was now see-through. But I got the plates of dreams! 

7 These one-of-a-kind earrings from life goal is collect my own stones over the years and have her make earrings for me. 

8 These hand-painted ceramics from Vivien Mildenberger. Words...I have none. I want a vase from her so badly for the baby room. 

9 I commissioned insane bespoke cabinets from Ayla Furniture for the Beaux Nursery and I love their benches too. Everything is handmade in England in a small workshop. TOO COOL. Talking outloud...I am thinking of commissioning them again for a beautiful storage piece in our entryway...

xo, Ashley