brb, in Italy πŸ’•

I will never get over the fact that it only takes 2 hours to fly to Italy now instead of 16....WHAT IS UP EUROPE! 

This last week I hopped down to Roma with my hubby for some adventure. We went in a lot of churches (too many churches?) and ate pasta for literally every meal. The latter in and of itself is a success to me but we did do probably the coolest thing Ive ever done: went to a private viewing of the Sistene Chapel. I posted a video of it on IG, but it didn't go over very well. It's probably because I captioned it with a Drake Lyric...

Anyway, I'm really into Rome. Like really, really into Rome. 

xo Ashley

This is the Sistene Chapel without anyone in it!

I cannot begin to tell you how awkward it was to take this our favorite hotel in Rome, Hotel de Russie JAH FEEL PLAYERS!!