Beaux Travel Diary: Portugal

when i was a theatre major at USC, i was in a really competitive musical theatre class with jason robert brown.  

one day during this class, my mom gave me this french 'glycolic lotion' to help brighten up the dead skin on my wintered face. (im being dramatic. this was LA...i mean what even is winter am i right socal guys) 'yeah yeah mom, i know how to apply lotion duh i got this, thanks!' that night i was so excited to give it a go. literally everything from france is amazing. next stop: brigitte bardot! i applied both the lotion and my optimism liberally, then went to bed. the next morning i was excited to see my fresh and non-dull skin greet me.  i looked in the mirror and i literally was 3rd degree burned. turns out lotion does not mean lotion. i called my mom in a panic and pretended everything was normal...'hey mom if i were to try the french lotion you gave me what time allotment would you recommend'...she was like '2 MINS MAX'...omg omg omg i literally have ruined my i need to go to the hospital??

why did i mention jasons class way up there? bc. also that day i had to perform in his class that day which is tough with or without self-inflicted third degree burns. like really tough. you dont wanna blow it in front of JRB.

fast forward a bit, i sang (i think it was that one song from hair, "easy to be hard" or something...not my fave or my best) went ok but somewhere during my go, i casually ended up having an existential crisis so bad that jrb kindly recommended we take a walk after class to help me talk it through. ('what is performing', 'what do i want to do with my life', 'who am i'....etc.) keep in mind that i had literally blisters all over my face that are highlighted by a well-meaning concealer attempt by moi (AM I FRENCH YET) that just acted as a huge highlighter to draw to eye to the contrasting red blisters inside the white rings. so while on the walk, i was trying to really connect and open up i was simultaneously trying to hide my was hard to do either fully so i just landed in the middle as a big old wierdo. it was sort of the feeling like when you are at a great dinner party and really want to settle in to eat this amazing meal with great convo but your dog has diarrhea back home so you have to keep checking the dog cam on your phone in the other room therefore you cant really focus on participating fully in either task in front of you. that literally has never happened to me but its the first thing that popped into my head and basically moral of the story was that it SUCKED. i think that was the first time i have had FOMO WHILE actually being there... 

anyway i went to portugal this month and it was literally paradise and here are photos from my time there.

additionally, I was in the algarve and here are my top tips if you go:

loule saturday market, lagos fish market before 1pm to get your fish for the day (robalo!!) so you can cook at home (baked robalo/sea bass with garlic + parsley and mashed sweet potatoes (doce batatas) and then fresh gambas or camarones for a whole wheat linguine w white wine sauce...these were some of our fave items du jour), praia do camilo in the am, burgau in general, and then warm/fresh pastel de nata from a little pasteleria in salema (before 10am)! (plus so much more...literally portugal is incredible.)

my thought of the week is: the body follows the head. 

xo, Ashley

l already know its going to be amazing when this is what you see from the airplane. 

l already know its going to be amazing when this is what you see from the airplane. 

my fave things:  bower bikin is,  h is for love,   clemence organics , kosas lipsticks, ilia tinted spf blam, portuguese baskets. 

my fave things: bower bikinis, h is for love, clemence organics, kosas lipsticks, ilia tinted spf blam, portuguese baskets. 






Adios to Endocrine Inhibitors, pt 1

Wassup wassup wassup im en route to idaho from portugal!!!  

So ive been really lucky to spend a few weeks in the sunshine of the algarve and generally avoiding parkas/winter, full stop. 🌴☀️🍋🐟. 

 the first day i got here i decided it would be a perfect time to try something ive always wanted to do: stop using traditional shampoo and conditioner.  Feels important to step in here and wave my hands: that doesnt mean i stop showering or neglect my hygiene (!!!) it just means a shift of product. Why am i doing this you may ask. Happy to answer. im so flipping frustrated with my oily hair. Boom, number one. i am over buying chemical-laden + endocrine-inhibiting products monthly (flip over that kerastase bottle and try to say any of the ingredients aloud. Also if im being honest even the organic ones have things that make me say "hmmm"). Boom, number two. I would love stop throwing away so many plastic bottles bc earth. Boom, number three.


Conditions were perfect to try this here bc i am not bipbopping around london (read: i know no one here!! What freedom!!) looking like i forgot how to shower or something iffy if it was a total bust.

My grown up xmas wish is to be a chic french style icon who was an icon simply bc she literally just "is".  ultimate coolness.  Non fuss. Non hair washing every day. Enter the american: I wash my hair everyday!! Every. Stupid. Day. It gets so old. 

so i looked around on one of my favorite blogs (the naturalista) about ditching shampoo. She mentions finding success with organic rye flour  (rich in b5- whats up pantene's number one selling point) bc baking soda was too drying. She is lucky to already have that chic jane birkin hair and not oily my hair. So i knew baking soda wouldmost likely  be fine for meeeeeeee.

Method to my madness: 

1. mix 1:3 aluminum free baking soda (amazon has it) and water so it can be massaged into scalp and isnt too runny. rinse. (Sometimes i have to was my hair in two sections bc first and then bottom seperated by a half up half down hair do done in the shower)


2. mix 1:5 organic white wine or apple cider vinegar w water in a cup and rinse. (Vinegar has the same ph as conditioner which is the whole reason why condish makes your hair soft) 



Results da da da da da da daaaaaa:

Same results as traditional shampoo and condish!!! What the heck this is amazing!!! Yes i still have good hair days and bad hair days (cant do anything except put it up in a bun or else its super dry bc of weather) and Yes i still have to wash my hair everyday, but i am ok about that bc i dont have to plow through store bought products and dont have to worry about any of my endocrines (hormones) being hurt or my liver being taxed.

Baking soda was fine for my hair and not too drying. And if the vinegar is diluted it doesnt make your hair smell. Sometimes i drop a bit of organic lemon essential oil on my palms and run over it lightly after the shower just to be sure too and sometimes I run a bit of organic argan oil or something along those lines to leave in.

grool! Im guess im gunna keep it up as long as i can. Its such a fun feeling to not have to depend on industry and have the power to care for yourself effectively by yourself. I dont need no man!!! Or company!! Mmm...i do love a good bit of mild beauty independence and or anarchy. 

ive spent most of this year trying to go more au natural. Cutting out things that arent serving my body. No more nail polish, no more hair color, no more endrocrine inhibitors, no more processed food etc etc. now, no more shampoo or conditioner. ive found that most beauty products can be found in your pantry! What a cliche sign off! One love!! 

Dont forget to call your mother 😘💞

Xo, ashley  

ps ive also cut out dairy during my time in portugal. (Will keep you posted how that goes bc it will take a few months to see a difference i think).   

pps here are a few other items i like:

my new fave 30 spf sunscreen with only one ingredient: karanja oil. and if you need a backup, i go for this organic kids sunscreen which i still try not to use bc sunscreen can be so toxic. 

my new fave 30 spf sunscreen with only one ingredient: karanja oil. and if you need a backup, i go for this organic kids sunscreen which i still try not to use bc sunscreen can be so toxic. 

my new face wash: organic honey. my new moisturiser: organic extra virgin olive oil

my new face wash: organic honey. my new moisturiser: organic extra virgin olive oil

here is my hair with baking soda and vinegar being used wooooo!

here is my hair with baking soda and vinegar being used wooooo!