The Beaux Tie Die Shop

I just need to say that I am so grateful that this summer’s trends happen to be what I wore almost everyday of my childhood slash life before I moved to London: Tie Dye and river rafting shoes. I’ve always preferred DIY, esp in terms of making what I wanted to wear, and Tie Dye is no exception. (Don’t know how to make river rafting shoes though…for now.) I had so many Tie Dyes in my head that I couldn’t find in a shop and if I did see something I liked at Matches Fashion, it was upwards of 300£ so I sat down with my good friend Maddy (and creative genius) of and had a tie dye party. And here we are! Bada Bing Bada Boom: The Beaux Tie Dye Shop!

You can shop all of these pieces in the  Beaux Tie Dye Shop !

You can shop all of these pieces in the Beaux Tie Dye Shop!


I focus on Mama/Papa & Baby Tie Dye clothes as I LOOOVEEEE the concept of mini me (haha!) so I also insisted with Rupert to get in the action as well. He got tie Dye Boxers and blue tie dyed shirts. It can be a family affair at the Beaux Tie Dye Shop. Groovy.


All pieces are dyed by hand by me, made to order especially for you so they are one of a kind BABY! I generally use organic cotton pieces from HM so sizing and quality is straightforward. The process takes me about 3 days from start to finish on any given piece, with carefully timed dye saturations and hand washings cycles as timing is key to ensure my penchant of pastel colourschemes will work.

I hope you enjoy shopping and as always, thank you for being here.

xo Ashley