Beaux Pregnancy Diary: The Beaux Black Book

I've written this post to my 3 year-ago-old self...the Ashley who had just moved to London and was so frustrated at trying to make sense of everything that would later come together into this list. This is my doula list, my hair list, my grocer, my sheets-presser, and most importantly:

This is my incredibly personal list of London practitioners and healers that I myself use regularly and have spent three years searching for. My tribe of healers. I would give this list to my closest friends, and hope it is a resource for you as well, esp. during a time as cathartic and vulnerable as pregnancy.

I've also included my favourite london apps that I use and life hacks (like 10£ haircut night at Daniel Hersheshon!)

Hope these help!

xo Ashley


The Beaux Black Book


Emily Roberti (My amazing doula)

Liliana Lammers (London's most experienced Doula)

Doula UK Website



Olivia de Maigret

Elisa Rubato (The most intuitive healer I've found)

Makiko Imato



Beata Florova (I've been seeing her for 3 years, she also does amazing Reflexology)


Antenatal Courses:

The Gentle Birth Method (I did this one)

London Hypnobirthing


Pregnancy App:

Ovia (I don't love a lot of the articles they share but it's nice to have a tracker)



Evolve South Kensington


London Home Hacks: 

laundrapp for affordable pressed bedsheets aka the greatest luxury in life (code: MXGJRT for 25% off)

farmdrop for fresh produce and my fave locally handmade matcha maca almond mylk

bulb for renewable (and cheaper and EASIER) home energy aka byyyeee British Gas

Fantastic Services for everything home-related (ie window cleaning and a plumber)



 Training cuts 10£ on Wed. night at Daniel Hersheson  

Organic Colour at Glasshouse



"I'm Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You."

-Ho'oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian healing prayer (This is something I say to myself everything I have toxic or angry thoughts or interactions...and it really helps.)