Beaux Pregnancy Diary: The Complete Holistic Guide to Pregnancy Books


Hi cuties!

I wanted to share every single holistic book focusing on the child-bearing year that I found nourishing or supportive during my last 10 months. I would recommend them to my children during their pregnancies (for either them or their partners) and any loved ones around me. 

I won't include individual descriptions bc I think it's just more words at the end of the day and as pregnancy is a super personal and intuitive journey, I'll let you read the amazon descriptions and then see what your gut tells you. Only pick up the ones you are drawn to, and always shelf the ones you are not. And only read the amount you need. :)

xo Ashley

ps, in case you missed by Beaux Black Book, I included a lot of my personal London my Doula, osteopath, acupunturist, online grocer, and non-british gas energy providers which have all helped immensely during my pregnancy.

The Beaux Pregnancy Book List