Beaux Pregnancy Diary: My 3rd Trimester Uniform


Hiiii! Still super pregnant over here so I thought I would put together my personal tried-and-tested pieces that had led to max comfort and functionality this pregnancy. It also happens to be my style to dress this I'll probably wear a version of this again sans bump. Blaamo!

This is more or less what I have worn every single day for my last trimester. I bought multiples once I found what worked for my body and experimented with a few colour ways. But this is the recipe for my 3rd trimester success. (Whatever that means. I guess just being able to leave the house?)

I have this amazing grey belted coat from Boden that they sadly don't make anymore but it was my LIFESAVER this winter/ growing belly season. I have had my eye on this Malene Birger one for a while bc it's omg so KUL plus it would be great for all the times of year you need a coat (both cold-weather-wise and mama-wise.) Throw that over an insane oversized (and bonus...non maternity!) sweater from Raey or Arket, plus these joggers from H&M Mama (ps, only the black and dark grey ones are good bc the fabrics change (ie, fluffy polyester) with the other colours....gross) and a solid pair of trainers that can take a good beating...that my friend, is a recipe for pregnancy success!!

(Side style note, I have been thinking about getting a pair of old school sauconys, ever since I saw my new style icon: a stranger's grandpa with pleated pants and a blazer wearing the coolest pair of old school sauconys going up the escalator in front of me at Chelsea Westminster Hospital...)

Now for underpants. I bought a lot of different brands and styles of maternity underpants and these organic cotton H&M maternity briefs were by far and beyond my favourite. They give you a wierd tummy line, but guess what, WORTH IT. Also everyone is distracted by the watermelon strapped to your waist anyway. Additionally, I lived in these bras from Organic Basics. Why? Bc they are double lined thick cotton. None of that super soft sheer pima luxe bullcrap. Do you think my tatas can take that kind of delicate, barely-there non-support at a time like this? Nope. So I had to sidestep my beloved Skin and Baserange to make sure I had the best pregnancy bras for me personally. (Sadly not nursing friendly though...)

And then I wore almost no makeup this whole pregnancy except for this luminizer to help me look less dead from all of my sleepless nights and a bit of blush...all organic. RMS and Inika are my fave organic makeup lines, period. I also had to have a heavy duty body balm for my bump at all times...this one was v nice. I also recommend straight up organic sesame oil tbh! Just be careful not to wear anything you like bc oil will go on it unless you can sit in the nude for like an hour after haha. 

And then let us not forget a simple accessory to make you feel a little fancy while wearing the form of gold earrings. It is fun to splash out a little on a cool pair of earrings like these leaf ones or an Annie Costello Brown pair, but tbh I love mango for their cool gold earrings!

Anyway, here are all the pieces I have loved! I hope that it helps other mamas-to-be feel comfortable but happy during their pregnancy!

A Belted Coat | NetaPorter

Heavy Duty Organic Cotton Soft Bras | Organic Basics

Comfy But Kul Trainers | Adidas

Crazy Moisturising Balm | EarthtuFace

Simple Organic Makeup | RMS

The Best Maternity Knickers | H&M

The Best Oversized Sweater | Raey

The Best Joggers | H&M (but only in the black colourway)

Cool Gold Earrings | NetaPorter or Mango

xo, Ashley