Beaux Style Diary: The Beaux Christmas List, pt. 2

O.M.G you guys first before I say anything...can you handle these stella mccartneys. I usually have a strict rule about sneakers: high end designers don't count in the sneaker game. Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc ONLY. But it has all changed bc of these little babies

Ok back to the beginning. HIiiiiiiiiIIIiiiiIIIi!! How the heck are you cuties. I have been having some pretty b-a-d insomnia recently...I got to be honest; I am not totally 100% of the time cooing over baby kicks. They feel like an alien is in there and its quite upsetting when I'm dozing off to sleep and I forget that I am suddenly jolt up like "WTF is that!" and then "Oh, yes, my darling baby." (nice save...)

I also have been finding I am super emotional at night, more so than before. I have been having at least weekly pillow cries. I think it's awesome to release as much as I can so I don't ever judge when I get emotional, but it is so interesting to observe my body and mind and emotions evolve over this pregnancy. 

Anyway, I have been mulling over the ideal sneaker situation since falling/being/getting pregnant. Heels were like 2% of my year, or less pre-pregnancy. I pretty much wore sneakers every day back then and now that I am 6 months pregs, that comfortable but stylish footwear percentage is at a full 100%. BLAAMO!

Here are all the sneakers I would like for xmas to keep that 100% track record! (Dear me, xo me) I cannot get enough of the Stellas and then the Adidas but I also have been wearing my plain white bodens almost everyday. These Adidas though...those are my next purchase. (Shout out to style icon Maddy for bringing these to my attn.) Merry Christmas, me!

You can shop them all by clicking on the icons above or carousel below cuties!

xo Ashley