Beaux Beauty Diary: Ashley's Organic Homemade Balm

I started making this balm a few years ago when I was so annoyed at the lack of choice of natural skincare. (OMG NO THANK YOU PETRO-CHEMICALS/ENDOCRINE INHIBITORS/ETC) Since then, the industry has improved massively (so many pretty and effective organic options) but I still make and use this balm as my face lotion, lip balm, feet/elbow balm and general ailment support.

It's clean, gentle and nourishes with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and so many more properties. It feels amazing and most ingredients are edible. (Not sure I'd jump at the idea of eating beeswax or shea butter though...)

Come fall/winter I like to make it with thieves oil as that helps ward off sickness and germs but smells amazing. I've also used lemon and lavender in the past in place of thieves as well as grapefruit and bergamot. Sometimes citrus oils can make your skin more photo-sensitive so just be aware of sun exposure of your going hard with the citrus balm. 

Anyway I have finally put together my recipe and I hope you love it as much as I do! It's a great balm to have on hand and in the cabinet. 😘

Ashley's Organic Homemade Balm

INGREDIENTS (in order of amounts used):

Natural unrefined beeswax

Organic shea butter

Organic coconut oil

Organic honey

Organic olive oil

Organic Rosehip or Argan Oil

Organic sunflower oil

Organic essential oil of choice (I like thieves, or lavender & lemon, or bergamot & grapefruit oils)


Be careful and vigilant about not burning any of the ingredients and maintain the lowest heat you can.

Be equally vigilant about cleanliness & hygiene. Keep it all to food standards. 

Use a double pot cooker (bottom pot has the gently boiling water, and top pot is where you mix your ingredients).

All ingredients can be found at Amazon or else a health food store.

Save old glass jars (I save old jam jars) with air tight lids & sterilise with a hot dishwasher clean. These will be your balm vessels. 

I don't have exact measurements...just mix with your heart and let your vessel size determine how much to make. 

Depending on your vessel, try to eyeball the the amounts you will use of each ingredient. I like to use more shea butter and beeswax than I've seen in other brands bc I hate my balms to be too runny or prone to easy melting or look shiny when I put it on. So use your judgement based on preferences. RELAX bc guess what you cuties. You can't mess it up too much so just jump in.



(This will take about 10 mins from start to finish EASY PEAZY)

Add the beeswax in small cubes on low heat. Let them melt gently.  

Add shea butter. Once both are either fully or nearly melted, bring heat all the way down.

Add coconut oil and honey. Turn heat off.

Add the sunflower oil, olive oil and argan/rosehip oils. Stir gently. (Make sure not to add the unsaturated fats at high temps otherwise it attracts free radicals and that's not ideal).

Let it cool more and add about 10-20 drops of your essential oils of choice. (Key: the mixture can't be too hot bc the essential oil will burn off immediately).

Pour the mixture into vessel and let it sit undisturbed while it hardens.

VOILA! Use as lip balm, face balm, foot balm, etc. Use as gentle support for all ailments (ie, rashes, dry skin, etc.)

Ashley's Organic Homemade Balm
Ashley's Organic Homemade Balm
Ashley's Organic Homemade Balm

For further reading, I'd recommend "Skin Cleanse" by Adina Grigore and "Clean Beauty: Recipes to manage your beauty routine naturally" by Clean Beauty Co. 

Enjoy cuties!!

xo Ashley