Beaux Style Diary: The Beaux Christmas List, pt. 1

Omg you guys. Cross body bags. Other than my beaux baskets ((obviously)), cross body bags are literally the thing I am realising I can't live without. I am generally not a huge shoulder bag person...(my husband knows that when I am not carrying a Beaux Basket, I am usually carrying a tote bag as a backpack to walk buzz...its not cuteπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ) and I have finally figured out why. Bc I hate having to push a bag up on my shoulder over and over again. It's literally the stupidest thing. (Only took me 30 years to crack that one.)

So I have been asking myself (as I try to accumulate less, but rather only thoughtful pieces) what I would truly like to invest in this xmas. And BLAAAMOO (to quote liz lemon) it hit me. I need a hands-free, non-tote-bag-as-a-backpack, alternative to walk buzz and future beaux baby around London! So here are all the bags I really, really want.πŸ‘† 

I am really considering this Saint Laurent one bc that is the most timeless of the lot to me personally. However I love both Guccis as more of statement pieces (how cool is the red, white and blue strap!) and apparently I like a small creme Chloe every once in a while! Learned something new about myself today! And that small little balenciaga is a supah cool alternative to the classic celine one so many people have. There is only one that is technically not a cross-body bag but as god as my witness, I WILL MAKE IT ONE (>>>The mind wraps around the purse<<<) ...and that is that dreamy beyond dreamy JW Anderson shearling one.

You can shop all the pursiesssss that I want/need below or via the hotspots above cuties.

Anyway, I did my first partner pregnancy yoga with my hubby last night as it was really cool and surreal to practice some active yoga labor has just been blowing my mind the last few days how my body is truly not my own during this period in my life and pregnancy, birth -and I have a feeling maybe even parenthood- is all about surrendering...eeek having to face my achilles heel! ('Letting goooooo')

Oh ya, and happy Monday! xo Ashley