Beaux Style Diary: The Beaux Christmas List, pt. 4

Welcome to my final installment of The Beaux Christmas Lists due to the fact that I need to reign it in over here!! These Christmas lists are very tempting bc these are all of my personal wants and desires and have left me with crazy eyes and my husband is not impressed. And frankly neither am I. (yes I am.) So let's talk loungewear!!

Loungewear is very, very important. -me

Some days I wake up from terrible pregnancy sleeps and I am already to go to bed (like for the next night) bc this baby bump is no joke. Sleep is illusive but I do have one constant in this pregnancy. It is spending 90% of my time in loungewear and it is the most amazing.

I cannot have anything constricting near my hips or bump in the slightest. I thought I found some awesome straight peg leg jeans to replace my levi wedgies from asos but then they had no stretch and I couldn't sit down bc they hurt my uterus!! And hip flexors. And as it goes at times, fashion was thwarted. But we will win the next battle, right, Bump?

Activity Ideas when dressed in Loungewear:

1. Baking one's own Cake-Breads (a highly technical term that essentially translates to: "the culinary fusion/accident of a bread that becomes a cake when a non-baker tries to make her grandma's banana bread but doesn't have the right tins so it bakes in a round cake tin and blaaamo its a cake.") I have been trying lemon blueberry cakes bc they are really hitting the pregnancy spot. (Ironically I have never liked caked or fruit deserts before pregnancy. So.) 

2. Listening to Ella Fitzgerald's Swinging Christmas Album while trying to make your dog love you. (The music is great but your dog will make you cry bc he may be a cat.)

3. Binge watching season 2 of The Crown. 

4. Putting a really big fluffy coat over your amazing loungewear ensemble and wearing your cashmere socks with birkenstocks (hopefully one day these Chlose slides) to take your dog for a walk. 

5. Self-care. For whenst thou nourishes thineself, thou also nourishes thine bebe. (ie, painting, yoga, having a cup of tea in silence or w a podcast, etc.)

6. Wearing Loungewear like normal clothes as you go about your business in London! (This one is my personal forte!)

It's sounding pretttttyyy great, right?? Oh, how wonderful life can be in loungewear regardless of being pregnant! La la la I love it. 

I am now 24 weeks yeeeeeeeeowwwwwww by the by! 

You can shop via the photos above or the carousel below. Enjoy cuties. 

xo Ashley