The Beaux Store: Black Friday

Hiya cuties!!! So Black Friday has come and gone, and I didn’t participate with The Beaux Store. I decided to wait until the FRENZY died down to pipe in about anything 🙌🏼 

Now it's almost Tuesday and The Frenzy (a noun) has begun to chill the f out so I am now ready to pipe away!

Ok. So Black Friday. Personally as a consumer, I can’t handle the anxiety and **PRESSURE** that bombards me from literally every direction (influencers, brands, fellow consumers, etc) to buy buy BUY. I had so much angst in my stomach Friday that I ultimately had to turn off my phone for the night. It was literally too much!

---->That’s not to say I don’t shop at mango or arket or high street brands- I lloooveeeee pieces from them. And ya!! I def did take advantage of the sales since there were pieces I had been wanting for ages from a few high street brands. But I was stressed THE WHOLE TIME. 

I am really aware of the dirty/unsustainable industry that goes mental come black friday and I don't love that.  I do however love brands that inherently offset it all by simply offering handmade pieces and/or by being a small business. Even better when we are talking antiques!!!! Environmentally friendly, sustainable AND one of a kind. Heyyyoooo! 

SOOOOOOO while The Beaux Store didn’t join in on the Black Friday frenzy last week, I still think it’s super important for small businesses to also participate in a very high street dominated time. So on behalf of The Beaux Store, I am going to join in, but in a syncopated (Read: out of time) fashion. Bc fashionably late is a thing. Also I am always late so. De facto...FASHIONABLE. 

In honour of small businesses participating in Black Friday/Cyber Monday and offering a more sustainable option in the thick of it all, The Beaux Store will be having a sale until this Sunday December 3rd, 2017. Flash sales stress me out and I don't think anyone should be precluded from having their "forever pieces" just bc they missed the super narrow window of a sale. PLUS, I think it’s really important to surround yourself with treasure pieces but not having to rush into making hasty purchases. So hopefully 6 days is a soothing time period to have a go if you’d like (???) and then business will resume as normal.   

Here is ALLLLL the info cuties:


Equally important. Here are some of my favourite small businesses and/or artists and/or organic and/or handmade stores offering more sustainable options:

Facture Goods (Beautiful handmade kitchenware)

Freya and Lille  (Lovely UK baby clothes)

Lane Walkup (I commissioned her to make a custom wire mobile for baby beaux's nursery and I love EVERYTHING she does)

Alexa Coe (I only want her and Christine Spansberg artwork in my home)

Croft House LA (My dream chair is from here)

Organic Basics (Ah-mazing underpants!)

Jean Palmer Home (Yes another rug dealer but GUESS WHAT...she has great rugs and each curator is different and that is something to be celebrated)

The Acey (Sustainable Fashion made KEWL and Holly the founder is just the coolest) 

Yoli and Otis (The lifestyle I want to live)

Small business high five!

And who knows, maybe next year The Beaux Store will join in on the actual Black Friday...depends on how my anxiety with it all goes.  

xoxoxo Ashley

ps, here are some of my fave photos with pieces from The Beaux Store...ALL 20% OFF cuties. 


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