Beaux Style Diary: The Maternity Edit

Hi cuties!! It's me.

I tried yoga last week for the first time in almost 6 months and I cried for the entire first 20 minutes. Moving my body amidst a personally difficult pregnancy both physically and emotionally really brought up A LOT. I always forget that bodies hold onto any fear (i think this one is the most relevant for me rn) or emotional pain or trauma that isn't cleared or healed. It all just gets internalised and then lives there for a whole lifetime like a pancake stack of pain, layered and layered each time something happens if there is no self-healing or forgiveness. Whoaboyyyyyy. Pregnancy is about as emotional and vulnerable of an experience as they get, so it's the perfect time to let go of as much fear as I can by acknowledging it and then releasing it every g-darn day. Blerg.

SO! Now that I am 20 weeks pregnant, my wardrobe has had to shift a bit to accommodate my huge new boobs (now jugs) and my growing belly. But you need to know there will be no "styling of the bump" or "sizing up"...those are trigger phrases for me that make me want to throw up.

Personal pregnancy style freebie: I have always pursued 'oversized' as that has suited my body type and style preferences the most. The only time I 'size up' is when I know a sweater or coat has the potential to be oversized and super cool even if that wasn't its original cut. I already sit at the upper end of high-street retailer sizing pre-pregnancy at a 10US/14UK so I'm not always able to 'size up' into cool oversize-dom and that is B.S. Sometimes high street retail sizing makes me so frustrated as most of it is cut to fit the mannequins in the windows. (ahem, Zara!) So now that I'm pregnant, I have to go for actually oversized pieces that are meant to fit that way and can't actually 'size up' so whatever.

Now excuse me whilst I go throw up bc of all this 'sizing up' chat.

(*Please note this is very much a 2nd trimester maternity post as I don't yet understand what the 4th trimester (nursing) will entail for me logistically. Currently, I am trying to invest in a thoughtful wardrobe that will be able to carry me through all my pregnancies and also outside pregnancies whenever possible. I also don't love fast-fashion so I've been trying to think '40 weeks pregnant' every time I check out. Haha, let's see how effective it will be. I'm sure there are mom's out there reading this who will be rolling their eyes with experience.)

I'm back from throwing up.

So far I have bought myself 2 pairs of new maternity pants and I've been sticking strictly my non underwire bras (but lets be honest....I never wore underwire anyway so bras have actually stayed exactly the same for me aka my faves baserange and SKIN (organic cotton HELLO!!)) I already know I want to invest in beautiful nursing bras from Bodas London and sixStudio. Also Land of Women is one of my other favourite underwear lines, and they recently introduced their nursing bra. They all do seriously beautiful things.

I have been pretty impressed w H&M Mama, and pants from both Topshop and Asos. Isabella Oliver has some clean, more profesh options that are good to know are out there. Raey is not a maternity line but it is my favourite clothing brand out there AND (BONUS!!) it has oversized cuts with RIDIC luxurious sweaters & coats that are perfect for bumps. I think it may be safe to say that the obsession with Raey is real. 

I have yet to find a really nice PJ maternity situation that I like bc I hate kitschy, printed things. I have been sticking to my pre-pregnancy jersey tunics and cashmere pieces (already oversized) for lounging and sleep. There is Francis and Henry which I've had my eye I'll get back to you on that. 

I've accidentally already accrued quite the collection of oversized coats that will do up over the least for the foreseeable future. I've done the very accurate test of 'visualising a beach ball in there' and according to my calculations, we are on track for success.  👍  But these coats below, esp the mansur gavriel dreamboat white one, should do the trick!

I had a looooottttt of fun putting a week's worth of maternity outfits together bc I would literally wear them all when not pregnant too. All of these outfits have actual maternity pants but everything else accommodates bumps and sans-bumps alike. Also I want every single piece here. 

Let's jump in!


I call this look my cool-girl Monday. First of all, Mango is so good rn! This shearling jacket is so amazing. Only downside is I am not sure how realistic it is to do up over the bump at 40 weeks. Hm. I bought these chelsea boots last winter from & other stories and they were hands down my most-used purchase. They look/feel so good and are a much cheaper version of the cool acne ones. This oversized sweater from the best line ever, Raey, is too good. I got these maternity jeans and they're great. Then this natural oil from Clarins has only four ingredients so I use it to help w stretch marks. I usually don't love clarins bc of chemicals but this oil from them is stellar. This bra is not a maternity bra but is ideal for me rn. No wires, flexible/comfy, AND it's supportive. These are some good, neutral gloves for winter. Neom is my favourite organic and clean candle brand. And then last but not least is my Beaux Basket, my beloved Blondie


Oh you fancy huh!!!!! Yes. but more importantly YOU COOL!!! Geez can you get over this oversized coat from Mansur Gavriel??? ME NEITHER. Pair it with this insane chunky, oversized sweater from my favourite Raey and you got a banging outfit. But why stop there bc there are these orange boots (the only spike heels I support during pregnancy) and cool earrings from mango and cool maternity jeans!! Then these are my baserange bras that I live in. And finally, here is my favourite dinky bag of all time: Camila from The Beaux Store


Geez I love this outfit haha. No Faux Fur Faux Pas here!! This coat is insane. And I love to mix and match similar but different themes...which is why I love these cool leopard print trainers from Boden with the faux fur coat. Then this chanel ring bag...TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL! I got these jeans from asos and they're so comfy. Highly recommend. (Also I think I can wear them even when I'm not pregnant so thats fun!) This is a lovely organic line carried at Netaporter and I def. recommend their face oils. Then this RMS cover up is literally the greatest (plus its organic and natural!) Then this tee is technically maternity but I think it just is a flowy top. And then if you dont have a calvin klein sports bra in your underwear could be time you cuties. 


This is my favourite oversized puffer coat on the market. And I have searched for HOURS. From my favourite Raey. It will do up over bump!!! My second fave is from Asos. These nike air max have got me rethinking my current trainer collection. AND OMG GUYS RAINBOW purse from Anya. This lovely organic pregnancy oil is A++ (my saint of a hubby gives me belly rubs with natural oils almost every night to help fight stretch marks and connect w baby.) Then these are the god-send bras from SKIN that I swear by. And this sweater from Raey makes my heart beat a little faster. I MEAN.


Bc the weekend is great and I like having it start in the week. And also this outfit is so me it's insane. I am all about comfort. I own most bits of it already haha. Obviously I am never without a Beaux Basket...esp Baby Blondie. Then HAALLLOOOO comfy/kewl kicks from adidas (I don't own these though and I really really like them...) This bamford face lotion is amazing and light and organic (!!!). These joggers are for the baby bump...saweeet! And this turtleneck from Boden is literally what I wear everyday. It's the softest and oversized and basically it's everything I love. Then this shearling coat. BE STILL MY HEART i luv you so much. Those are some Baserange bras I'm obsessed and out of pregnancy. And then Ilia is one of my favourite organic makeup lines. This illuminator is no exception.


I call this the "having brunch w the In-laws and then popping to Selfridges" cool saturday look. VAPORMAXXXXX!!!! Can't go wrong with cool vapor max players. This dress from La Redoute is paretttyyy sawweeett and I'm going to get it later today. This coat is the coolest statement piece I've seen in a long time and I have a hard time focusing on other things now. These classics from Herbivore are some of my favourites; the coconut milk for baths is the best and the face mist is how I set my makeup. Then duh, Beaux Basket!!! Schatje is the biggest carry-all ever and it's just the best. All natural deodorant from Agent Nateur and then some cool brushed gold earrings and BLAAMO you've freaking nailed saturday you cutie. 



If you are wearing anything other than lounge wear on a sunday....youre doing it wrong. haha bold of me, wasnt that!! But I seriously support lounging on Sundays and slow, calm living. Preferably in cashmere now that it's chilly out, but jersey or pima cotton is amazing too!

You can shop bits and bobs from below, or by clicking on the hotspots on the images above you cuties.

ps, I have also done another large endocrine clear out (esp. perfume) and whittled down all my beauty products to meet my clean and natural ingredient criteria only. I will do another blog post on that though you cuties!

xo, Ashley